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Wrecking Balm tattoo removal system DOES NOT WORK. I used this product faithfully every other day for 6 months on a 20 year old tattoo that was faded to begin with.

I had absolutely NO RESULTS! The company agrees to a refund if you request it within 2 months of purchase, however reviews claim the product takes at least 4 months of use before you begin to notice a difference. I contacted the company requesting a refund since I had given their product a FULL 6 MONTH trial without results. I have not received a response.

Seems as though their customer service is as poor as their product. Buyer beware, Wrecking Balm is a scam.

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Wow...thanks for the heads up! I was just at the site and about to purchase the product, but decided to see the reviews first.

I'm so glad I did that!!! I wouldn't want a *** product that didn't work.


Please call our customer service number for help with this issue. The number is 888-249-2367.

Many of our customers are very satisfied with thier results. The product takes time and the time it takes is different for everyone.

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #173823

I am so glad I read this. I almost bought some for my daughter.

They used to advertise on the radio almost every day.

The ads stopped. Should have been a clue.

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