I had been using Wrecking Balm for over a year now and have seen minimal fading results. My friends look at my tattoo and make jokes about how Wrecking balm scammed me. It is a painful process that takes time works on a persons hope and for me yeilded pathetic results. I am very unhappy with this company.

I should have known it was a scam because when I first bought the cream the sales person took my credit card number and passed it on to companies that were billing me for services that I did not want or need.

Wrecking Balm is a waste of time, money and they will take your credit card info and pass it on to other vendors. Beware.

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i bought mine at wal-mart. for the first 2 months i thought it was working.

i kept trying to convince others that it was fading. however, when i ran out of cream and stopped using it for a month my skin healed and my tattoo was back to its old self.

you think it's working, but really it's all in your head. scraping sandpaper over your skin repeatedly just irritates the area, giving the impression that it's fading the tattoo.


Works for me too!

6 months in and the fading is noticeable. Not amazingly so, but I can tell.

Follow the directions and have patience.

Also, if the company gave your credit card number to other agencies, have you filed a lawsuit?

Just curious. No problems here.


i have no clue what you are talking about. it removed two of my tattoos within a few months and how on earth could you think a micro-derm system is painful?

are you kidding me?

wrecking balm is amazing and if done right actually works.

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