I cannot believe this scam that Wrecking Balm is selling. I researched the website, looked at very convincing before and after photos and was so excited about fading my husband's tattoo.

We did not want to do laser so this seemed like a wonderful alternative. What a waste of $269.90 on 72 applications purchased in March 2010! We followed the directions explicitly. In the end, all we got was a roughed up patch of skin that healed very quickly and looked just as it did the day we started the process.

We are so disgusted and disappointed.

I will tell everyone I know (including other internet sites that ask people to rate the products) about this horrible waste of money and deceiving advertising that Wrecking Balm is marketing. Do not waste your time and money!!!

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What the heck??? I've been using it a monthon an all black tattoo of an all black tattoo if a Julian crest I have on my forearm and its working great.

People keep saying its a scam, but I've had nothing but good results. Maybe it does have to do with your skin type, but I'm somewhat dark skinned.


The thing they leave out is that it ultimately depends on your skin type. If you are super fair skinned it will work the best and as the skin tones get darker its effect gets a little less prominant.

So for black people it wont work at all. Just sayin.


:cry :grin ;) :p :roll :) :? :x :( :upset :zzz 8) ;) :p :sigh


:( the only thing wrecking balm has managed to do was make my tattoo look newer due to buffing off the dead skin. what a sham!

it's so deceiving, you think it's working but really you're just irritating your skin. if you take a week off to give your skin a rest, the tattoo looks like you never did anything.


Like others I fell for the advertising. In the first month I followed the instructions and used it every other day for no more than a minute per day.

In the second month I used it EVERY day for at least two minutes per day and all I got out of it was irratated skin a few times. It's been three months now and there has be absolutely no fading what so ever of the tattoo.


I have only been using it for 2 1/2 weeks and I already see a major difference.

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