People have posted negative experiences about Wrecking Balm, but I thought I'd share my thoughts. I purchased Wrecking Balm after waiting a year after getting a horrible tattoo job on my left arm.

I was tired on wearing long sleeves and decided to give it a shot. It took me six months of using three times a week, following all steps precisely as the box said. That's really important, guys. I think a lot of people think it will magically go away in a week, but it takes time to see results.

You gotta be patient! My tattoo is barely noticeable now, and I am back to wearing short sleeved shirts to work finally.

One more box should do the trick. Way better than doing laser, which my buddy did and he was in so much pain.

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Willcox, Arizona, United States #662195

I am about to order it for a few tattoos i need to remove. What did the box look like that you got.

I want to make sure im getting the best stuff. thanx :D


I've wanted a tiny peace sign on my left ring finger for years, when I finally got what I wanted.. well lets say I wish I would have just kept it in my thoughts!

I think it looks terrible and its not at all how I'd imagined it.. It is smaller than the size of a dime though the lines are much thicker than I had wanted- the lines have also run together) I have only had it for about a month. I am going to give wrecking balm a try.

Is it too soon to start using wrecking balm treatments? Also how many treatments or bottles do you think I might need?


6 MONTHS? Are you serious? That's not what is advertised...

to Thomas G Roberts Big Rapids, Michigan, United States #825365

I have been doing tattoos for over 14 years and know for a fact that wrecking balm only works on tattoos done with India Ink and prison ink only. Do not listen to this guy he is likely an employee or representative from there company making a failing attempt at retribution. Wrecking Balm was officially discredited by The National Tattoo Association and you can even ask your dermatologist, it is utter garbage.


I just started using the wrecking balm and I'm anxious to start seeing results. In the first week it's actually appeared darker. When did you start seeing it fade?

I haven't gotten that far into my treatment but i'm glad i read reviews because i was starting to think i got ripped off. as far as laser, my ex boss told me she had a very small black heart, maybe the size of a dime and she said without insurance she paid $150 for each session and had to do 6 sessions.

she said over time after laser treatment it eventually went away but i can only imagine the cost of removing a sleeve.

I got a tattoo of T on my left ring finger knowing it was a mistake when i did it. It's small ovbiously, maybe nickel size, i can't wait to get rid of it considering i dumped the *** 5 and a half months later.


My daughter wants one gone, but is not sure this is what she wants to use, do you have before and after pics? please email to me at katseye777@yahoo.com

Would you email me pics of your tattoo before and after please? really not happy with a tat i got on my arm and would like it gone :(

If you think its going to fade away just like that then expect nothing. Ive just emptied the first bottle and I can see a difference.

The first few times I used it I was feelin the disappointment others experience. Then reality sat in. This is a grinding kit just an up dated version of the old salt and water method. So ever since Ive been tough on my tat and am usually bleeding afterwards but it is coming off.

With the cost of a lazer session being several hundred dollars to thousands being spent over the course of the removal, Im willing to continue and hope for the same results minus all the dollars spent. Im also photographing my progress to submit once im satisfied with the results.

to JRodd #626141

sounds logical. people make mistakes then want a microwave result.

consequences take longer to get rid of than the actual action taken. i'ma try it out.

the only question I have... was your tattoo older than 6 months?

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